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Q: Whats stromandbir.com relationship with Mentors

ANSWER: We are accredited affiliates, members and trainers of Digital Experts Academy and SFM. This means that we receive ‘affiliate commission’ when we refer a new member/customer to SFM but do also train members within the community. We learned marketing and started our first online business with the SFM ourselves so we are confident we are recommending the best education and community available online today. We have been members of the community since 2012.

Q: What do I get as a member of The All In Package?
Q: Will the live online events be recorded and available if I can't make them live?
Q: How is this so cheap in comparison to other less equipped online business training programs?
Q: Does it matter where in the world I am located?
Q: What happens if I build my websites with your service but then decide to cancel my membership later?
Q: How much is $99 USD in my own currency?
Q: I already have a website, will this help me get customers?
Q: What is the cancellation policy / how do I cancel?
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