Marketing Mastery

Build muscle as a business owner.

- The Program -

Our DEA GOLD Program gives you serious muscle as a committed digital business owner. At this level we’ll be helping you come a fully fledged and financially independent Master of Your Own Destiny. You’ll get unlimited 1-2-1 coaching with proven digital experts and a live training course which reveals the nuts and bolts of online marketing to take you to Pro League. You’ll also give turbo fuel to your business with an exclusive invite to the annual DEA GOLD event where top minds in the industry meet to share their insights.

- Super Affiliate -

Get the advanced training and 1-2-1 coaching to take your affiliate business to stellar levels and major profits.

- Coach -

Build the know-how to become a lucrative, full time coach in your own right, making a huge impact on others by sharing your experience and skills.

- Career Boost -

Show your company you deserve top performer pay by and a place at the senior table by bringing advanced digital skills in-house, saving them money and increasing profits.

Courses & Certifications


Copywriting Mastery

Discover proven techniques for writing effective content that stands out, generates leads and makes sales. You’ll learn about copy that gets people to take specific actions, need-to-know online marketing tactics such as emails, web pages and paid search ads, plus much more.
$495 Value


Email Marketing Mastery

Learn about effortless automated email marketing that generates at least 200% more sales and conversions.Still ranked highest when it comes to ROI, we’ll show you how to create successful email campaigns as well as overcome the obstacles to getting them seen and clicked on.
$995 Value


Paid Traffic Mastery

Keep customers flowing to your business by mastering how to drive quality traffic from platforms like Google, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn. We’ll also show you how to leverage traffic so you can convert strangers into customers while making a profit instead of breaking the bank.
$995 Value


Analytics And Data Mastery

Arm yourself with key data to base your business decisions on, instead of guesses. Discover how to create a solid analytics plan and understand the key metrics your brand needs to focus on. Also learn a simple dashboard setup to proactively forecast opportunities and problems.
$495 Value


Optimization & Testing Mastery

Find out how to maximize profits on your website and diagnose problems using a proven process. Learn the secrets of undertaking targeted, efficient tests that increase the sales funnel and landing page conversions on any website so it never misses a conversion opportunity.
$495 Value


Search Marketing Mastery

SEO is just as important as ever but it’s changed - now the key is customer experience, not links and keyword density. We’ll teach you a time-proof plan to ensure your website ranks well across all major platforms people search, successfully and consistently delivering free organic traffic.
$995 Value


Social & Community Mastery

It’s easy to spend tons of time and effort on social media without getting stable ROI. Learn a step-by-step plan for tracking, measuring and monetizing key customer engagement channels such as Facebook and Twitter. You’ll learn how to build real relationships around brand trust.
$995 Value


Content Marketing Mastery

Discover how to turn content into brand authority, loyal customers and profits. We’ll teach you how to leverage copywriting so it generates leads and sales to your business. Effectively grow free organic traffic with a step-by-step strategic plan centred around providing value..
$995 Value


Conversion Funnel Mastery

Learn one of the most powerful techniques in generating customers and increasing their value. Effective conversion funnels also let you automate the entire Customer Acquisition process and reduce the costs involved. Become a master at creating sales funnels that work like magic.
$495 Value


E-Commerce Marketing Mastery

Give your ecommerce store rocket fuel. We’ll teach you how to make more sales and profit with a step-by-step process that will streamline your website’s design, architecture and traffic generation so that it’s capable of delivering more revenue than you’ve ever seen.
$495 Value

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