Mastermind Experience

Super star league for passionate entrepreneurs.

- The Program -

At this level you’ll be educated in advanced Leadership so you can make a major impact on the world. Through regular live Masterminds, you’ll engage with your DEA BLACK peers to gain confidence in your ideas and join forces on collaborations. Ultimately, this Program is all about personal transformation as well as teaching you how to be a true entrepreneur who can spot opportunities and grow them until they bear lucrative fruit. You’ll also become a Leader in our Community and be invited to guide others on their journey of self-discovery.

We’re here to take you where YOU want to go, including the support system of like-minded people in our friendly Community:

Network, gain insider know-how and socialize with enthusiastic entrepreneur Movers & Shakers through regular webinar Masterminds, an exclusive Facebook Group and a transformational VIP Retreat with our Founders in a tropical paradise.

Forge connections with other high performers around the globe to potentially launch exciting new projects and revenue flows.

Gain the practice and confidence to share your Leadership with our Community as a valued mentor and shining example who transforms lives.

Attend the annual DEA BLACK Retreat – an exclusive invite for change-makers and visionaries who are passionate about self transformation, bold action and making a major impact on the world. These events are all about creating extraordinary shifts in your mindset so you can blaze a trail of personal and business success.

Learn to monetize almost anything that interests you. Never feel stifled or held back again – finally feel that the sky’s the limit!

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