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Let me tell you a short story about a child who was told by his parents that he needed to go to school, work really hard, get good grades, and once out of school, once coming in to adulthood, get a good job, work really hard, and then if you’re lucky, you were able to retire early in his 60s or 70s and then start living the life that he truly wanted. This is a story we all have been told by our parents, their parents probably told the same to them when they were young. In 2016, this is a myth. It was this way before but not anymore. The rules have changed. You can now run a business from Thailand on a crappy internet connection. You can now travel with friends or your family around the world while running a 6-Figure business without any problem. Thats what we are here to help you with. We are here to give you some tips and tricks and strategies on how you can build a lifestyle business.

So what is a lifestyle business?

A lifestyle business is really a business that supports your desired lifestyle. Let’s face it. We don’t believe it’s all about work. We believe it’s about creating a life that you are happy with. Creating a lifestyle for yourself that you are comfortable with.

In his book The Four Hour Work week, Timothy Ferris describes the “New Rich”.
The “old rich” was concerned with gathering wealth in form of money. The new rich are concerned with what that wealth can buy you which is TIME and MOBILITY.
And this is the main focus of a lifestyle business!
A lifestyle business are designed not to become big enterprises, their goal is not to do a million dollar IPO after X years. Their goal is to supply you with TIME and MOBILITY, to support your desired lifestyle.
This is what we call a lifestyle business and this is what we have built for ourselves in order to live life like we want to live it.
It’s not about living on a shoestring.

Building a business that makes you $50,000 to $200,000 per year is a hell of lot easier than doing one that you plan on selling in five years time for 100 million.
Now if you want to create the next Facebook or the next Snapchat Walmart by all means go ahead, we salute you. Just as long as you know what you’re in for.
If you instead want a life that isn’t all work and where you can focus on the things your passionate on, then a lifestyle business is for you.
And before we get a choir full of “but Christian & Martin I LOVE my job…”or“I’m already an entrepreneur working 80+ hours per week on my business because I love it…”let us briefly tell you that I get this all the time. We typically say “good for you – now if you had one year left to live would you still go to work tomorrow?”.
The twenty something crowd without families tend to yell ABSOLUTELY at our face, but everyone with a family and near loved ones get the point by then.
So how do you start a lifestyle business then?
Well first, we would recommend that you join our newsletter list. We often send out exclusive content and video training on building a lifestyle business and living the life on your terms. It’s all free and you’ll be joining a crowd of like-minded people who all wants to break out of conformity, work less, and live more…

Below you can watch a video with our mentor and good friend Stuart Ross, who introduced us to the idea of having a lifestyle business. We started to work with him back in 2013 and we cannot be more pleased with the results. Both of us have not had an ordinary job since the end of 2013 and frankly, we are very grateful that we found Stuart online.  Now, don’t twist our words here. We worked our butts to come to a point where we could work no more then 3-4 hours a day, some days nothing. We started to do this simultaneously beside our ordinary 9-5 jobs. In fact, we will tell you straight that in 2013 when we started online, We worked over 90 hours some weeks! 70 hours on our ordinary jobs and then 10 hours from our laptops in the living room and even in bed to build a strong foundation for our Lifestyle Business.  Our ladies thought we were crazy. So thanks to Stuart Ross who helped us with that. Our ladies did not thank him in the beginning because they hardly saw us LOL. Now they do. In the video below you will find Stuart Ross on pedalo on the Indian ocean. It is a perfect location to demonstrate on what is possible to do as a lifestyle business owner.

Click play to watch the video and learn how you too can start a lifestyle business.



We will show you how it’s done …

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