Killer Content Ideas for Effective Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing


You may have come up with a really cool Facebook post, and without wasting any time you post it immediately and expect it to go viral. Unfortunately, after some time you realize that nobody has liked your post, and it has failed majorly to get any attention from other users! Why?

Things like these happen all the time and you are not alone. In fact, there are thousands of individuals and small businesses alike who daily struggle to create engaging content ideas.

There’s no doubt that finding a great content to publish on social media sites is quite a difficult task. When it comes to friends, you already know what kind of posts they will like, but figuring out what your target audience or potential customers would like is pretty challenging.

I myself know how frustrating it can be when one cannot find anything vivid or appealing enough to post. In fact, it happens to me all the time. Hence, I took some time and created a list of killer content ideas (specific to each social media platform), which I am going to share with you:



It’s a fact that the most popular posts on Facebook are those that have a picture. Hence, make it a point to find a good picture that can become the key aspect of your strategy. But, always remember that it is up to you to find out what your audience would like.

  1. Vintage Pictures: #flashbackfridays & Throwback thursdays (#tbt) are quite popular on Facebook. Hence, find some old pictures of yourself or your business (the time when it was established) and share them.
  2. Trending Topics: Make sure to go through you Facebook page trending section and find out what is popular. See whether you could use such popular topics for your own benefit.
  3. Quotes: Using quotes as pictures can help you create an appealing photo post on Facebook.
  4. Fill up a Blank: You can create a phrase with a blank _______ or post an image and ask your followers to leave their best answer.Fill in the blanks
  5. Polls: Polling your followers & fans can boost the engagement levels. For instance, you can post couple of images of a T-shirt and ask your followers what color they liked the most.


As we all know, Pinterest is a place where we can create pin boards of our collections. However, if you do not have much collection of pictures, then you can go for other things which you could post.

  1. Inspiration Boards: Share those things that inspire you and your brand.
  2. Staff Photos: If you have a team, then you can post their pictures with brief bios. It will portray you as a customer friendly company. You can even share this board on other social platforms.
  3. Pictures of Events: If you recently had a special event, then make certain to create a board with the pictures of that event. Besides, make it a point to tell about the board to those who were present in that event, so that they can further share your board on their social networks.
  4. Boards with Holiday Theme: Whether it’s Christmas or New Years Eve, you can create a fun holiday themed board.
  5. Favorite Recipes of Staff: It’s a fact that recipes are quite popular in Pinterest. So be creative and find a way to use it to your own benefit.
  6. Infographics: Use infographics that’s related to your industry.Infographics
  7. Videos: One of the great features of Pinterest is that users can post YouTube videos too. Hence, find your staff’s favorite music videos from YouTube and create a fun board.



When it comes to Twitter, your primary focus must be to craft clever tweets that can hook the audience. Besides, make sure that the tweet ends with a link to a photo or article which can work as a punch line.

  1. Stats: RTs are greatly encouraged by the stats. Hence, use stat as a hook along with the article from where it was pulled as a punch line.
  2. Questions: While asking a question, ensure that it can be answered in 140 characters.
  3. Quotes: Just like stats, quotes can help in getting re-tweets. However, to find a quote that’s under 140 characters is quite challenging. Hence, try to leave enough space for RT.
  4. Articles: Share those articles which you find interesting, especially those that are fun and educational.
  5. Tips & Tricks: Smart tips & tricks are a great way of sharing engaging content.Twitter Tips and tricks
  6. Event Hashtags: You can create hashtag for business events and use these hashtags in your live tweets. Also, don’t forget to let fellow event-goers know about it.


This platform is best for sharing expert industry content.

  1. In-depth Content: Search for blog posts and articles that give in-depth and provoking information about things that most would find interesting. You can share such posts and articles with your audience by adding some of your own insights.
  2. Ask questions in groups: There’s no doubt that LinkedIn is filled with intellectuals who will not waste an opportunity answer questions. In fact, asking simple and straightforward questions about the industry can result into a good response from audience with lot of comments.
  3. eBooks: There’s no better place than LinkedIn to share eBooks.ipad-ibooks3


Instagram is more about expressing the way of life which reflects your brand or business.

  1. Funny Photos of your Employees: Depending upon the particular traits of your employee, you can create a series of posts.
  2. Behind the Scenes: Since, Instagram is all about showcasing the lifestyle that reflects your brand, you can create funny/passionate/serious behind the scenes pictures from your work place.
  3. Products: Posting boring and lame images of your products will not do any good. Be creative and find the right time & place to post the pictures of your products.
  4. Video Montages: Just like Pinterest, you can also post videos on Instagram. In fact, some of the most popular videos on Instagram are the montages. Hence, post the videos of your event with the beldn of everything mentioned above in montage.Instagram video montage of Annie Leibovitz’s Vanity Fair “Game of Thrones” photo shoot.


  1. Blog Content: Make it a point to share your blog content in all the great platforms. However, you need to be creative here. To know how to share blog content in an effective manner, read more!

Similar to blog content, you can use these killer content ideas in multiple platforms. But, make sure not to automate the process, as sharing same message in each one of the platforms will do more harm than good.

Posting engaging content which your target customers would like is the key to success. Although, celebrity news and cute pets usually generate lots of likes, still if they have nothing to with your business whatsoever, then it’s totally futile.


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