How to make the adtracking variable in Aweber forms change with the url

Yes if you use Aweber and don't want to create a lots of sign up forms just to get some tracking on where your leads opted in, well there is a way to do it with a plugin with WordPress. This can be useful when you have lots of links from say a blog post or other sites that goes to the same landing page or sign up form. But when you use a lot of ads and manage a lot of campaigns simpletrakk is probably a better way to go.  So download the URL Params WordPress plugin then just create a new sign up form in Aweber and find this row <input type=”hidden” name=”meta_adtracking” value=”My_Web_Form” />  and change the value=”My_Web_Form”  to this value=””

This also works great when using Optimizepress 2.0 with OP own optin form, just paste the code where it says <form method=”post”…… to </form> and put in the URL Params into the form code. Then when typing your url address just type ?t= then your unique tracking.

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