10 Powerful Books That Impacted The Entrepreneurs

10 Powerful Books That Impacted The Entrepreneurs

There are certainly many books out there that have helped to transform the lives of many, and when these books help people like you in making better decisions for your life, then they are definitely worth a read. A book is a powerful external force that can completely knock your life off its mundane straight line and change everything about who you are. Here is a list of 10 books that contributed to changing the lives of entreprenurs all around and they definitely changed my life to where i am today. If you haven’t read them, then it is time that you do so.

1.     Rich Dad Poor Dad


Rich Dad Poor Dad is a great book highlighting the principle of a healthier bottom line with the help of assets that generate income. With a simplistic writing, financial wealth is explained in amazing detail in this book.

5.     The 4-Hour Work Week


This amazing book teaches you an important concept of running your business without you having to be there all the time. All of us dream of living more and working less, and putting an end to the constant rat race that we are trapped in. With the right strategies in place, you can cut down on your work time comprehensively and make sure you build a great business alongside.

Reading these 10 valuable books will give you a great and different perspective of life and entrepreneurship, and you will start to lead your life in a better manner.

3.     Rework


This book will teach you about an easier, faster, and better way to be successful in your business. Once you read it, you will realize that most of the things that we think are crucial to success are not even needed and ignoring or removing such influences will actually be better for you.

4.     The One Thing


It’s about figuring out your One Thing and devoting everything to it. The Book is embodied with the question “What’s the ONE Thing I can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary?” By asking this question a dozen times a day, I am finding more time in my day to work calmly, taking less work home with me at night, fielding fewer emails and producing more income each month. It’s like magic.

Are you ready to escape the “straight-line life” and allow books to change who you are? If so, I highly recommend starting with these five books.

5.     Awaken the Giant Within


If you are looking for practical guidelines for attaining your goals with the help of concentrating your emotions and thoughts, then this book is definitely for you.

6.     Outliers


In life, we tend to focus a lot on successful people instead of focusing on the experiences that they have had in their lives, and what their family, generation, and culture had been like. When we start focusing our attention on the right details, only then will we be truly successful. This book teaches exactly that.

7.     The Lean Startup


The Lean Startup defines a scientific methodology for running startups and launching new products. This new approach has been adopted around the world within startups and established organisations. Regardless of your role or company size, this is a must read for entrepreneurs, marketers, developers and business leaders.

8.     Good to Great


Good to Great talks about how bad, mediocre, and good companies go on to achieving great things and become the best companies around. The real leaders will always talk about reality as it is and will not make up things just to make the situation sound more appealing. If something is bad, then they will tell you straight up.

9.     E-Myth Revisited


All aspiring entrepreneurs need to get a hand on this book. It talks about the different stages that entrepreneurs have to go through, starting from infancy all the way up till maturity. It also identifies the distinction between working on and in your business.

10.     War of Art


War of Art talks about the resolve that you require in order to first recognize and then overcome all of the obstacles you are facing. Only after this can you step onto the highest level for creative discipline. And while there may be plenty of resistance, you need to face it and come on top successful.

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