Traffic Genesis

Ok it’s not so often we are so excited of a program and you have probable have heard of them before Mike and Andy, yes it’s right the guys behind Video Genesis, Genesis Labs, and WebinarJam. They have teamed up with Laura  from “yada yada marketing” and have now released one of the best programs I have ever…

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SFM Momentum Day – May 2014

SFM Momentum Day

We are back from the amazing event in London with SFM called Momentum Day. This was probably one of the best events ever, we met so much new people in London and made so many new wonderful friends there. All the people that where there probably learned some new skills when it comes to marketing that…

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Killer Content Ideas for Effective Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

  You may have come up with a really cool Facebook post, and without wasting any time you post it immediately and expect it to go viral. Unfortunately, after some time you realize that nobody has liked your post, and it has failed majorly to get any attention from other users! Why? Things like these…

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10 Online Tools for Better Attention & Focus

Online Tools for Better Focus

The studies from Matthew Killingsworth and Daniel Gilbert highlighted how our wandering minds erode our happiness by creating distractions. The New York Times summarized the research by explaining that focus or concentration is extremely important even when we are having sex. If you are unable to focus on what we are doing, we are unable…

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